Wednesday, July 30, 2014

watch out for flying pee

Amsterdam Part Two - 

First off, we were/are FASINATED by Amsterdam, aka the whole prostitution thing. 

I think because it's so far from home life - as far as we know...Simi Valley is a little sketch - we didn't know what to expect. We had so many questions! Still do for the most part BUT we found out some fun facts we thought we would share for those who have not been to Amsterdam/experienced the whole women in windows thing. 

Top 3 Fun Facts:

1. You CANNOT take pictures of them! 
Huge signs all around each window, but of course there's that one creeper that needs a photo to show off to his friends...listen buddy, it's not worth it. Each woman has a water bottle full of pee, ready to throw at you if she sees you taking a picture! And they're in it together, so watch your back. Plus, the internet has ya covered, no need to photograph the women of Amsterdam. 

2. They take pity on drunk girls - 
We found this out at the pub crawl when a new traveling friend shared her personal experience. This girl had a little too much fun the night before and was puking on the side of the alley. One of the prositutes came out of her room and brought her water/a napkin. You can rate that however you want but I'm goin to say that's definitely going to be a high point in her trip. Solid story to tell her grand kids one day. It's a shame Casey and I keep it together so well...

3. You can't ask them questions - even if you offer to pay for them. 
Another fact we found out during our pub crawl - drunk people are the most entertaining...the drunk girl from fact #2 had a friend traveling with her who was just as curious as us but she took it one step further - or was more determined to solve the mystery behind the red curtains. During the crawl she went up to a window and asked if she could ask the girl a question - she said no. Then she yelled, "what if I pay you?" Still no. #fail. 

We could really go on and on but I'll spare my grandmother from having to read paragraphs about prostitution :)

Anyways, there's so much more to Amsterdam - like the beautiful and huge Vondel Park!

Which has an awesome high tea island thing! Too bad it opened 4 hours after we left. Casey almost cried.  

But at least she has a picture to remember not drinking tea on this awesome floating flower oasis. 

And then there are the park sculptures. Obviously had too much fun with these. Don't act like you wouldn't try it too...

Next was the Amsterdam Ice Bar! Yes, Casey wore sandals...Fool. 

It's literally a bar made out of ice. Even the cups! Thus the big ass jackets and gloves - which smelled like they had never been washed and felt like a ton of beer had been spilled on them...ugh

The penguins helped us to forget about the smell and the cold. 

Oh, and the polar bear helped too.

Pretty sure Casey's feet were frozen at this point. 

HIGHLIGHT! They played Titanic inside the bar! Well, just the iceberg scene. Understandable. #iloveLeo

So many things I could say...This is why we can't have nice things.

Another fun fact for those of you without glasses - they do not like when you go from extreme cold to hot temps and will fog up. Welcome to my life. 

After the ice bar, some food and a small nap, we decided it was time for a European pub crawl and no better place than Amsterdam to do it in!

We survived 4 bars, watched multiple guys go into the red light windows, saw a few emerge as if nothing happened and made it back to our hostel before the all night/next day rain and lighting showed up. I'd say it was a successful last night in our favorite city!

Sad to say goodbye but looking forward to the next country - Belgium! 

Bring on three days of beer, waffles and chocolate! 

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