Friday, July 18, 2014

an overrated little mermaid

Day Two - or what we consider our real first day since we both went to bed at 5pm yesterday...that whole traveling for 24ish hours really gets to you. 

So we went all out for our first full day in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here's the breakdown: 

Started with waking up at 7am - yay for a ridiculous amount of sleep! Then we decided on coffee. Fun fact, nothing opens until 10! How do people around here survive without morning coffee?! 

We came to the conclusion that since everyone and their mom ride bikes (seriously, so many moms on mom bikes. AKA bikes with huge front basket seats for their kids), it's just too hard to bike and drink coffee at the same time. Thus, no morning coffee traffic. 

We were devastated. And tired. 

Then it was time for a 3 hour walking tour around the city!  Even better - it was FREE!

So many bikes and no one locks em up! So trusting here.

On a tour break - these dogs were bomb! And messy but no shirt stains. We were proud. 

Then we stalked the Queen and her four houses that her sons and sister live in. 

Fun Fact : their houses/mansions/castles/whatever you want to call them, are in an open square. Sometimes they can even be seen walking around with no security. Talk about down to earth or just really unimpressed locals!

They also have underground tunnels to get to each house if they see ridiculously big tours like ours. Because you know we would stop them to take a selfie. #obvi

We're trying a "meatball pose" to do in each country...still needs some work - we have two more days - but that's the Opera house behind us!

Then I became a Mermaid. Casey wouldn't join me. Which is fine because it was overly crowded for that tiny statue that doesn't even sing any of the Little Mermaid songs. 

But here's Casey and a garden

Our favorite - Nyhavn!

The best takeaway from our tour - where to fine beer for 12 KR instead of 38! We grabbed a Denmark classic, Carlsberg pilsner, which we drank on the side of the canal. Cheap perfection.

Feared for our phones but we needed a beer drinking, canal sitting selfie. 

Also feared for our phones here. 

Ended our day at the second oldest amusement park in the world - Tivoli! Basically Disney stole all their ideas, or so our tour guide said. Minus the price to get in - here it was about $20 (99 KR) AND it came with a FREE concert! They win. 

Just another part of the park.

Overall, really awesome day with a tad too much walking for us to handle but here's to coming back with stronger, buffer legs! Our boyfriends will be so jealous. 

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