Thursday, July 17, 2014

16 hours later...

We made it! But not without some surprises...

So, it only took us 16 hours of traveling to get to Copenhagen, Denmark. Our first flight was to Canada. Sadly, no complimentary food...Fail.

Our second flight was completely booked and of course Casey and I were not seated next to each other. The plan was to plee to Casey's row buddy to switch with me. No luck. Something about the back of plane being to bumpy. Lame. 

The odds were somehow in our favor (yes, we also watched The Hunger Games on the flight too. So good.) Anyways,  out of a "full flight" there happened to be one seat open, NEXT TO ME! So, I gave up my isle and Casey joined me for our scary, turbulence filled flight. Sadly, her seats TV didn't work. She had a fun 7 hour flight...

To make up for it though, the flight attendant gave us four travel sized bottles of wine! Winning.

We landed and decided to take out Kroner (pronounced crown) for our 4 days in Denmark. Next was to get our metro pass to head to our hostel - too bad Casey's bank card decided to decline on her...She's had some rough money/airplane tv speaker luck. All resolved now thanks to Skype phone calls!

So we figured out the metro (shocking), got off at our stop and were greated by the best brick buildings - we are way too into them. We followed simple directions our hostel gave us which consisted of - "turn at the 7-11" (home sweet home), then "turn at the big tree." Unfortunately direction wise, there are a ton of "big trees" in Copenhagen. 

We saw a group of girls down an alleyway by a big tree (our other direction - go down an alleyway) so we figured that was it! They were so friendly and excited to see us! The girl even said she had a welcome speech prepared - nice!

She asked if we had ever been here before and we said no. Looking confused, she asked if we knew there was a Gay Festival going on this week - we said no and that's when she said "oh, you didn't know it was this week? You just showed up?"

"Wait, you aren't our hostel?" That's when we realized we were not at our hostel check in but the check in for the local gay festival! We all had a good laugh and they told us our hostel was probably around the corner. 

But we eventually made it to our hostel and it's a good one...sure it's triple bunk beds (guess who's sleeping15 feet off the ground?!) but only 7 strangers with us AND they have a pool table! Living it up...down side - no kitchen, so our plans of cooking dinner have been shattered in Copenhagen. 

Tomorrow's our real adventure day since we're about to go to bed at 7pm because we can't handle traveling at our age...Yeah, our moms have nothing to worry about. 

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