Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Roxanne in Amsterdam

Country #3 of 5 has come and gone but here's a recap of everything we did! Which was a lot. And included prositutes. It was an experience to say the least...

But first, we actually had seats on the 7 hour train ride this time! We were way too excited but actually slept so it was worth the 8 euro it took to reserve those puppies. #noregrets

Third country "we made it" picture!

Casey & her backpacking essentials - map, neck pillow (attached to her purse) and her water proof walking shoes. On a mission to find the hostel!

A beautifully chilling experience to visit the "Anne Frank House", learn more about her & walk through the tiny place where she hid for years. 

Possible bench they sat on in The Fault in our Stars...even though I heard that one was stolen. A girl can dream, can't she?

Some canal. 

Figured it was a good photo opp. 

Then it started to rain and SOMEONE forgot their hat...

A little Wok to Walk action - bomb. 

Walkin with my wok

And of course we had to check out the Van Gogh museum! Sad news, no Starry Night to be seen...but they had this big ass wall decal, so that was fun to stand in front of. 

This ones for you mom! Fun fact - you're not allowed to take pictures of the pictures but everyone was doing it so that means it's fine, right? 

Apparently not. Everyone was yelled at. I'm just super sneaky...minus Casey seeing me and scolding me. 

Every city should have one of these puppies! Obviously a tourist magnet which we fell for. Too. Many. People. 

'I' for Interdonato! 

'A' for Ali!

And 'M' for MEATBALLS!

And then the rain, thunder & lightning started...

But the Heineken Brewey tour saved us. And provided some bomb photo set ups!

Look! We all have hats on! Yay

Fun Fact : they like their beer foam here! It helps to keep the beer fresh - we had no idea. So next time you complain about too much beer foam, know they are doing it for your own good...

Clear sky's and big clogs. 

We had to see one Windmill while we were in the Netherlands! Sadly it was attached to a restaurant and not in a poppy field...slightly disappointed. 

Classic Amsterdam...

Well those were the first two days of our Amsterdam adventure. 

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