Wednesday, July 9, 2014

the final countdown

What's that? ONE WEEK until we leave?! No....

But really, we leave next Wednesday & begin our three week European backpacking adventure starting with Copenhagen, Denmark!

Standard for us, we're still shopping for "necessities" that we didn't know we needed...I don't know about you, but when I think of Europe in July, I think of beautiful skies, frolicking through fields (obvi like Heidi) & running through cobblestone streets.

What could be the biggest buzzkill possible? Oh, you know, THUNDERSTORMS!

I guess I'll put away the shorts & tanks and get some waterproof shit, which, by the way, is very limited in summer time (go figure) thus very expensive. Damn you REI...

Let the rainy, thunder storming, high hopes for better weather begin!

But first, just a few flashbacks to our last European adventure together
- 2010/2011 status -



and yes, we had the time of our lives...

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