Friday, August 1, 2014

when in Brussels...stay for one day

When is Brussels, do as they do! Which we sadly found out, was not much...

Don't get me wrong, Belgium is a beautiful place and we were super excited to be there. What we learned was that if you're going to Belgium and you want an authentic, European experience, don't stay in the New York City looking Brussels.

Our hostel was surrounded by big office buildings, a dominos and Groupons headquarters (kinda cool but there weren't any deals around us!)

But we found three things we had to do in Brussels : visit the Grand Palace, see that peeing boy statue and eat a waffle. Excited to say we did it all in one day! Then we had to fill two more days...

Of course the rain started when we got to the Grand Palace and sat down to enjoy the view. 

But that meant time for awesome cobblestone/yellow umbrella pics!

Gosh, what a great organge umbrella...

Next on the list, this. 

It was built up to be this "must see" and then we got there...we were a tad disappointed. Just like when we saw the Mona Lisa for the first time and it was half the size we thought it would be. And behind bullet proof glass. Sad day. 

BUT our last stop made the day. Real, freshly made, Beglian waffles! 

Honestly the best waffles we have ever had in our entire lives. And they will probably never be beat! But we do challenge anyone we know to try...bring us a bunch of waffles!

Something I was SO BUMMED that we couldn't go see because it was closed :(

We ended our night in Brussles with the infamous Delirium Cafe - they have over 2,000 beers...and three stories of awesome bar-ness happening. Sad news - I asked for a cider (I know, lame) but she gave me a random beer...Probably to teach me a lesson for ordering a cider. 

Then I tried to get an "artsy" photo of Casey by this cool corner but as you can see from her face, "it smells like shit over there!" At least we tried. 

So since we saw everything there is to see in Brussles in one day, we decided to take an hour train into Brugge and get the "real" Belgium experience!

Just wait until you see all of THOSE "artsy" photos...we're getting a little out of control. And getting weird looks from more and more people. 


  1. 2,000 beers and you order a cider...isn't it ironic? In other news, those waffles look so happy and wonderful.

    1. Ahahaha, I just miss cider so much! I know, I'm a fool....