Thursday, July 24, 2014

Ich bin ein Berliner!

We've been running. We've been biking. It was time for some yoga! 

We stumbled upon this studio while we were exploring the allyways around our hostel and we figured, "when in Germany...!"

It was a beautiful studio and the teacher even led the class in German and in English for us. Pretty much the same concept minus the whole growling, breathing thing...yes, we were told to use our lion voice. 

We also got a mini massage during the cool down/relaxation part of the class. Ummmm, bomb!

We couldn't take a picture in the studio but this is basically what we looked like - nailed it. 

Then we finally got our waffles! Fun fact - they actually run out of them! How? I don't know. You'd think they would have an endless supply. Well, they didn't have them the day before and we got the last two this day! They were alright...

Then we visited the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp - a Nazi Concentration Camp holding more than 200,000 people from 1936-1945. It became a memorial in 1961. 

It was a very powerful experience for both of us walking through the original buildings, barracks, and roll-call area. 

Difficult to believe this was only a few generations ago...

After our tour of the museum & memorial, we wanted to get some OG German food - aka sausages and beer.

But that beer though! 

Casey got her sausage and bretzel - which was entertaining considering she had to de-skin the sausage herself. I'll attempt to share a video later. 

We ended up having a great, beer filled night, got a tad lost using the train again but managed to find out way back. I think we are slowly getting better at this whole finding our way home thing. 

And now for our last day in Berlin before we hop on another 7 hour train to Amsterdam. But this time we actually have seats that arnt the floor of the train. Livin like royalty over here!

The picture above is the view from our morning walk/run by the river! 
This is the running Casey pose. 

Then there's the lazy running Ali pose. 

And here is our route! Two countries down. Three more running exeriences to go. 

This is how we reward ourselves. Gonna miss our usual cafe spot - Tee Haus. A 30 second walk from our hostel AND the breakfast is cheaper than the buffet at our place - perfection. 


It has been so hot, like sticking to seats, too much sunscreen, hot. And now we have rain. Can't hang. 

We wanted to get one more tourist attraction in before we peace out tomorrow, so we went to the top of the panorama building to get a 360 degree view of Berlin!

Too bad it was te one day the gloom took over...

The building was a triangle - here's an end! Whoooo!


One of us was excited to be there...

So that was our last tourist adventure in Germany, now we are headed to our red light district hostel! Don't worry - it's a Christian run hostel where we can't drink or do drugs. And I'm pretty sure there is a curfew. Oh and no mixed dorms! 

I can only imagine the excitement our mothers are feeling. 


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  1. Ok, its not that it has taken me this long to figure out how to comment... its just taken me this long to get over the shock of you running and exercising in Europe while ON VACATION! The Little Mermaid poses are still my favorite. Please bring them back. LOVE YOU!