Monday, July 21, 2014

hej hej Denmark!

Buh bye Denmark! Aka hej hej Denmark! Yup, that's pretty much all we learned considering their Hello is at least we sounded like we were from Denmark at first hi

Lucky us, EVERYONE spoke English and so well too!

Before we talk about the 7 hour train ride where we sat on the ground by the door, here are some highlights from our last two days in Copenhagen!

Bomb cafe our tour guide recommended to us. Them, we ran into him there and felt super popular...We knew someone!

Then we went to Rosemborg Slot park where the Rosenborg Castle is. Beautiful, huge park where we enjoyed some salads, people/dog watching and our floppy hats.

Then there's me - jumping. Alone. With my floppy hat. 

Then we were off to The RundetÃ¥rn - The Round Tower. We walked 7.5 times around to get to the top which over looks Copenhagen. AND the had Popsicles at the top. Worth it. 

The Tower view

The Meatballs and their floppy hats

Yay we made it!

Then I had to embarass us. 

And Casey got her Popsicle. 

To celebrate one of our last nights in Denmark, we went out to an adorable restaurant on the streets of Copenhagen where we had some bomb food. 

Just too many pigeons. 

On our last day, we did it. We actually ran! Well Casey the freakin marathon runner ran and I tried to keep up during our halfish mile run around the river in the city center. 

How could you NOT run with this view?!

We checked out Christiania - the area in Copenhagen that was taken over by some hippies awhile ago and are still residing there today. They even consider the area separate from Denmark and have a green light district. We stayed about 20 minutes and decided we needed a beer...

So we went to the brewery of our new favorite beer - Carlsberg - where they have the worlds largest unopened beer collection! 

16,841 bottle exhibition - 22,346 in the total collection. I just think I would rather drink the beer then collect them

Don't you love when tours have photo ops?!

Then I became a mermaid again... #cantstopwontstop

The end of the tour where we enjoyed another one of our favorite beers!

Copenhagen may have been ridiculously expensive, but they are not lying when they say it's the most livable city. Truly beautiful and a place I think we both want to visit again. 

Now, why did we have to sit on the floor for out 7 hour train ride to Berlin? We will fill you in's been a long day and it's almost 11pm here - 3 hours past our bed time. Cheers!

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