Wednesday, July 23, 2014

hallo Berlin!

7 hours on a train is rough. 7 hours on a train sitting on the ground? By the door? The worst.

Fun Fact: if you don't book a seat (something they claim as optional), all of the seats will be booked up the day before your train ride - so the day we tried to book because we found out we would have to sit on the floor. 

So we roughed it and surprisingly it was not TOO bad. We did have to get up at every stop to let people in and out of the door, but we also made a nice floor sitting friend - Ben from London. He said my British accent was good. Take that haters. 

Another fun fact: if you take a train from Denmark to Germany, your trains pulls up on a boat and you have a lovely hourish long boat ride to sit in real seats! Then it was back to the floor with Ben for the remainder of the train ride.

But we made it to Berlin, Germany and here are some highlights from our first full day here!

Well this was the train ride...

Not happy...thankfully Casey had some Breaking Bad to watch. Love you Walter White. 

We survived the 7 hours so it called for a big ass calzone! I finished the whole thing - Charlie will be proud. 

After the best sleep we have had all trip long (thank you City Stay and respectful roommates who we wish wore more clothes to bed), we took a 4 1/2 hour bike tour through the city!

Yay bikes! My bikes name was Roxanne McGee. I was hoping for David Hasselhoff...

We rode to the main square which had the German and the French church's. The French church was gifted from the Germans, but being the smart people they are, they made their church identical yet a taddd bit taller then the French church across the street. Touché. 

We didn't spend too much time here so hopefully tomorrow!

We love jelly doughnuts too!

What's left of the wall behind us. And now there is the wire fence around the actual Berlin Wall since too many people tried to chisel part of the wall to take home. Ironic, no?

A beautiful and symbolic memorial to those who died during the war. 

Taking a break from biking at a local beer garden!

Because I'm too embarrassing to keep it to one country...

Museum island!

Stumbled upon the most beautiful graffiti around the streets of Berlin. 

So that was day one/two for us in Berlin! 

Today we did Berlin yoga, visited a concentration camp and enjoyed some German sausage and beer - pictures to come. Andddd we only got slightly lost on the three story train system but made it back safely. 



  1. Ah, so cool. Besides the sitting on the floor part. And why can't we have pretty graffiti?

  2. But at least we made a new friend that we will never see again because we didn't make it FBO...and let's put some pretty graffiti on our work walls! :)