Saturday, August 2, 2014

Brugge FTW (aka for the win...)

Today is the day! Well, it was two days ago but still, it was finally here! Off to see the ever so talked about and admired - Brugge!

At this point, we're coming to the end of country #4 and we've been traveling for a little over two weeks now. Someone was bound to lose it....That someone, was Casey. 

Here she is using the jaws of life to cut off her own locker lock. She lost her keys. Only to find them that day in her bed. But at least the hostel sold new locks for 5€! Lesson learned. 

But it's all good because we hopped on a train to Brugge that day!

Off the train, this is what we see. So beautiful. And not a 20 story building!

Obviously we had to get our morning capp. But they are just not up to par like they were in Denmark...we're having withdrawals/getting use to bad coffee. #RoughLife

Next up, a canal tour! Brugge is so small it took us 30 minutes to check out the canals. Worth it. 

Then we were off to this well known square. So well known, it doesn't need a name/I can't remember it...but ain't it purdy?!

Had to. 

Some local Brugge beer. Not made there since there is only one Brewey left in town, but it's a museum now. But it had the Brugge name on it!

Let the "candid" photos begin! Hello yellow wall with flowers. So natural. 

Ohhhh, look at Casey walkin down those steps! So real. 

Then I'm just chillin in someone's doorway...That's normal. 

But that green door though!

Oh wait, now I'm sitting on a bridge in front of the canal!

But check out Casey casually lounging there too

Then it was time for some meatball selfies...


Yay Brugge!

Someone was over the whole picture thing. 

Gosh, I didn't even know she was taking this...what a candid shot. 

In honor of my mask wearing friends - welcome to the #PugLife

Thank you Brugge for brining us back to that Europeam charm. You will be missed but we will be back again to visit that Underwear Museum...


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