Sunday, August 3, 2014

we would show up on Swiss Day

Brugge was amazing. We didn't want to leave but Switzerland was probably the country we were looking forward to the most. How could you not want to visit a place that's know for it's cheese, chocolate & beautiful mountains?!

It's such a shame our bodies can't process cheese least we're in it together!

Exciting news! We upgraded from the floor of a train to our own train compartment! We've come a long way these past three weeks. 

And we made it to Switzerland! More importantly, to our tent village hostel!

That's right, tents. Village tents. 

And this was our view. What a great place to end this adventure. 

Not too shabby inside either! Minus the whole no ladder to my top bunk. It's been a challenge. 

So of course as we get there, a local comes up to us and asks us where we are from, what we plan on doing around here and how we like it so far. After some small talk he says, "so did you come here using daddy's black card?" 

Ohhhh man, wish you could have seen our faces because we were about to go off. It's so sad to think that is the young American stereotype abroad. Casey and I told him no, we actually have been saving for two years - he looked shocked. Then we said goodbye. 

We worked hard for this trip. And it wasn't/isn't cheap. We come from awesome families that support travel but we don't rely on them for our adventures. We create our own and we are damn proud of that!

But it all worked out, we found authentic fondue and felt a lot better. 

Yay melted cheese!

The next day we did some much needed laundry with our classy trash bag hamper.

And then we found out it was Swiss National Day! AKA their Independence Day. What are the odds?!

So we went to a parade! And of course there were cows. 

We tried to dress up for the occasion and wear stuff we found on the ground in our hair. We were only a few beers in for this...

Then, THE BEST firework show we have seen in our ENTIRE lives. Sorry America, you lose. Probably not the safest, but so worth standing under them. They were so close we felt like we could touch them. Something we will never forget

Seriously. The best. 

And then, they lit a huge pile of wood ON FIRE! Why? We have no idea. There were firemen around - with no hoses. But at least they were there?

Concerned look. 

Slightly frightened by all of the fireworks being lit AFTER the official show. Yeah, apparently anyone can send em off. 

But seriously, this was cray. 

We tried to get a firework behind us. Fail. 

Oh hey, it slowly turned into a safer bon fire we could stand around!

But of course we show up on National Swiss Day...damn we're lucky. Prost to you Switzerland! 


  1. To that first guy in Switzerland:

    But how serendipitous, to show up on Swiss Day!

    1. Always have the best comments. And comebacks. See you on Thursday!! :)