Monday, June 2, 2014

at least we have a place to sleep

You feel so on top of your game when you book your flight six months in advance & then all of a sudden you are a month and a half out and it feels like there's so much to do still!

One thing we can FINALLY check off our list are the hostels! 

We did it! We actually have solid places to stay in each country, for every day that we're there. No park benches or random couches for us. Hopefully.

Of course we ran into a full room on the last hostel we were trying to book, but we were able to find another one that worked out...It just wasn't as cool. Everyone needs a bar in their hostel, right?

Through this process, I have found that their are some pros & cons when it comes to booking hostels during summer - 

CONS: They are a FORTUNE! Everyone kept saying, "Oh it was only 15 euro a night for me." Yeah, try twice that amount. And those are the cheapest options. 

PROS: I guess this doesn't have to do with the hostels, but we won't have to carry around huge jackets or boots! Just trying to find an upside to the amount of money we have spent to far...

Now we have the adventure of booking train rides to look forward to this week!

T-Minus 44 Days!

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